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Sad News

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Rick Hart the owner for Macomber Looms in York, Maine, died at his home on Sunday, January 22, 2012. He was 63 years old. Sarah Haskell posted about his death on her blog: www.macomberloomsandme.blogspot.com.

You can read Rick's obituary here: Frederick H. Hart III  http://www.seacoastonline.com/articles/20120125-PUBLICRECORDS04-201250369


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Joined: 10/15/2011
This is so sad...

As a devotee of Macomber Looms, I am saddened to learn of this news. My heartfelt condolences are sent to the Hart family.  I sincerely hope that Macomber Looms can still be brought to the weaving world...they are truly magnificent pieces of work that bring lifetimes of joy to so many weavers.  Kind Regards, Cat B.

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I saw this on and was trying

I saw this on and was trying to figure out how to break the news here. Thanks for posting, I know this is very sad news indeed for our community. Another major contributor to the world of weaving has passed and will be missed, yet remembered well.



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sad news indeed

oh dear, what a surprise! Heartfelt condolences to the Hart family. Big loss for Macomber and the weaving community. My loom E4B 848 was built for me when Macomber was still in Saugus. Over the years, I've spoken with Rick and met him at the Atlanta Convergence; always pleasant and helpful. May Macomber looms continue .... kiss the castle in memory of Rick Hart.