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using 8/2 tencel

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Hi. I am going to be using tencel for the first time and was thinking of doing a lace weave shawl. Has anyone used tencel in a lace project?

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Yes, it is beautiful alone or

Yes, it is beautiful alone or with other fibers in lace.  I particularly like to weave laces with tencel as warp or weft (not both), and something less reflective (cotton, wool/silk blends) as weft or warp.  That is, one fiber in each direction.  Or, try alternating end on end in the warp and weft.  Alone in lace it has a good drape, and feels a bit heavy and cool compared to cotton or silk.  Try a sample to get the sett right (20-24 epi for 8/2 tencel is a reasonable starting point).  It's a bit slippery compared to cotton so you need to sett it a little tighter so it doesn't shift in nasty ways when it goes around the breast beam.  The lace will open up nicely and give good definition to the pattern.  Happy weaving!

Laurie Autio

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Thanks for the hints. I Will

Thanks for the hints. I Will use just tencel this time. It will be interesting to do a closer sett. When I have done lace before I have used a wide sett. It Will be a learning experience all the way around.

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