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National Museum of the American Coverlet conference

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I just got an announcement from the National Museum of the American Coverlet in Bedford, PA via email.

They are having a conference on September 26 and an open house on the 27. Speakers include Marjie Thomson, Ute Bargmann, and Michael Taylor. All about aspects of historical textile production.

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Oh, wow--this looks like a

Oh, wow--this looks like a wonderful symposium. Unfortunately, I'm about 2,500 miles away, and it's during the school year; if I "called in conference," my principal would not be very happy.

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National Coverlet Museum

National Coverlet Museum Symposium

I definitely will have to try to go! I have heard Marjie Thompson speak several times and she is a fascinating speaker (both informative and fun to listen to). Tandy Hersch and her husband are both so very charming and a wealth of knowledge. I have heard of some of the other speakers. I have wanted to see the museum and have just not found the time.  It sounds like a fantastic weekend. I can't wait for my husband to get home tommorrow night to see if we can go!

Thanks for the info!


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National Museum of the American Coverlet

If you have never been than you need to go!  I have spent several happy hours roaming this exhibits before the first of the year.  Melinda & Lazlo were absolutely wonderful, there was so much to just experience by being to see these amazing pieces of textile up close. 

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Teacher training (post #1)

Teachers have to have on going training to keep their certification current. I know you could "work" this into your lession plan (g) I looked at the posting date, this was an old posting. Maybe you can still get away.


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