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Free Small Loom Plans and Tutorials

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Joined: 05/28/2009
Archie Brennan's plan for

Archie Brennan's plan for copper pipe looms

 They are inifinitely alterable (! is that a word?).  I use them for knotted pile.

 Sarah Swett has simple loom plans in her book Kids Weaving too. 

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Joined: 06/08/2009
hi Lambspin! thank you for

hi Lambspin!

thank you for posting these. i really appreciate advice and reviews of plans and patterns... and i do believe you get what you pay for, so i really encourage reviews of plans and books with plans that are for sale... but i had hoped to keep this topic thread for free plans for small looms so that people who can't afford an investment to start have somewhere to turn for ideas.

i'm hoping that as the group grows, we'll see topic threads started for all different types of looms and tools... both of those links would make great topic starters.

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If you go to the bedouin

If you go to the bedouin weaving site at


and scroll down the articles to a pdf file called "The Colourful Oasis" there are plans for a nice little frame loom, as well as instructions and patterns to weave on it. The whole site is interesting if you are into ethnic weaving.

And if you are into a DIY floor loom, Philippe Demoule has the plans for a lovely loom here:


If you check the patents on the arizona site, there are some weird, wonderful and fantastic plans for looms of every shape and size, and the copy write has expired on them all - so go for it!! You can also download patterns and instruction books. Its a wonderful resource! All FREE!

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hi esmecat ... Click again on

hi esmecat ...

Click again on the Archie Brennan copper loom link that Sara (lambspin) posted, then scroll down the page and you'll find images that link to Archie's free loom plans in pdf format.

-- Constance

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Hey those pipe loom plans are

Hey those pipe loom plans are amazing.  I really want to have a go (but I have a loom!!!). Sometime...  I love people who give you their plans for free. Thanks for the link conib and lambspin.



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I'm thrilled to bits to find

I'm thrilled to bits to find this group!  If it wasn't for being able to build things myself, there's a lot I would never get to try or experience.  I'll be looking forward to finding a lot of plans and resources that I hadn't known about.

The loom that got me back into weaving after being away for a long-long time can be found here...


The instructions for buildng the loom are pretty clear and easy and the instructions for weaving on it are still some of the best I've seen on line.



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thank you for pointing that

thank you for pointing that out! i don't know why i missed it. there are several plans there for free!

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My only complaint about

My only complaint about Fyberae's recommended triloom link is that there isn't anywhere on there to leave a comment and tell the guy what an amazing piece of work he has put together.

Thanks for that Fyberae.