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Links thread

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I've been asked to start this thread off so we don't get bogged down trying to locate internet resources.

This thread is for links only, so when you provide a link elsewhere, please post it here too, with a very short description of what its about ,so we don't miss anything and its easy to find.

I will try and find all the links that have been posted so far and copy them here.


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Indonesian backstrap weaving,
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Backstrap instructions

Backstrap instructions written for classroom: basic but all there including weaving technique.


simple instructions includes photos of warping up, and video:


Carol Ventura's brilliant site with loads of excellent links:


Karen Madigan's archives include articles on backstrap:




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Free books and

Free books and videos.


this is one of THE best free book sites on-line. You can browse by articles, books, monographs etc. Its sister site is handweaving.net. Mary Meigs atwater and Harriet tidball were prolific weavers on primitive weaving methods and you will find many of their works here:



Tablet and band weaving:









Navaho weaving:



Another handy place is:


Try doing a search on "weaving" with all media.

Video shot in Guatemala on weaving:


If you click on the view thumbnails link on the LH side, it shows shots of every minute of the film, and you can start the video where you want.

The Penn Uni Anthropology archives have all sorts of interesting home videos that I am still checking out.



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Links on Finnish and Sami

Links on Finnish and Sami band weaving

The Käsityönurkka site has a section on band weaving. The following page has some images on band weaving; the 3rd image down is of weaving with string heddles and a "papelo" (a shed stick with the warp yarns wrapped around it alternately over the top and the bottom to make the shed):

Käsityönurkka: kuteelliset nauhat

The Käsityönurkka site has a list of sources used. Many if not most of them are out of print and difficult to find outside Finland, but it's possible that some of them could be available via interlibrary loan:

Bibliography on Finnish band weaving

I took a photo of one page spread from Viivi Merisalo's book "Nauhoja" (WSOY 1985, out of print) with traditional patterns. This page has some simple bands; the construction is warp-faced plain weave with a pick-up pattern with the weft in background colour. A black square in the pattern refers to one contrast coloured warp thread picked up, and one row is one pick. The warps have typically 1 contrast colour to 2 background warp threads; warping instructions for the black-and-white bands are on the left page under heading 12-23:

Merisalo patterns 12-23

A "pirtanauha" is a band woven with a rigid heddle-type backstrap loom. Here are instructions for a school craft project where the kids construct the "pirta" (rigid heddle) and weave a band (6th grade, for 12-13 year olds):


Photos from a course on weaving simple bands

Tablet weaving ("lautanauha": a tablet woven band) has been known in Finland already in the Iron Age.

A page about tablet weaving with English captions

Tablet woven bands and simple patterns; more complex patterns, in Finnish

Reproduction of a mediaeval tablet-woven band from ca. 1200 AD found in Masku, Finland

Decorated bands with pick-up patters were also especially popular and further developed in Estonia, and in Finnish the more complex styles are called "vironvyö" (literally: Estonian belt). Elaborately woven bands were also used by the Sami (or Saami) people up north in Lapland for festive dress.

Weaving Sami style bands in a modern floor loom

Saami bandweaving

Sami belt with intricate pick-up pattern worn with modern pants

Some terms:

nauha - band

naru, nyöri - string

lautanauha - tablet-woven band

pirtanauha - band woven with a rigid heddle -type backstrap loom

pirta, nauhapirta - the rigid heddle used for weaving bands

paulanauha - band used for binding trouser legs and/or tops of boots at the shin, earlier used by the Sami people

vironvyö - woven band from Southern Finland with a decorative pick-up pattern; literally: "Estonian belt"

turkinvyö - long and wide band used instead of buttons to tie up a fur coat or long winter coat, production methods range from sprang to weaving to crochet

Bolivian warmi suggested that I post these links here :) I hope you find them interesting!

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I just opened the Atwater

I just opened the Atwater one....drooooool........i shall have to limt myself to one link a day or I'll never get off the computer. Gotta go weave!!

Thanks Caroline


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Here is another good source

Here is another good source of books:


Most of these have to be read on-line, and many are not complete, or only have a short summary of what the book is about, but there are enough nearly complete ones here to make a search worthwhile.


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i have found a backstrap loom for sale (in parts) on ebay, this comes with very decent pictures of all the parts so may be useful if your building one

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Stock photos from a

Stock photos from a professional photographer containing a very large amount of backstrap weaving from several continents:


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I once found this link and

I once found this link and tought it has beautiful pictures: www.incas.org/index.html

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funny to see the same designs

funny to see the same designs in other countries of the world, with different meanings !



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Nice find Michelle! Plenty of

Nice find Michelle! Plenty of inspiration there. Why don't you try to chart a design for your next double weave project?

Thanks for posting this link!


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Hi Laverne ! why don't I try

Hi Laverne ! why don't I try to chart a design ? I will one of these days, but at the moment I'm very busy with waves... and, when I'll stop being very busy with waves, there is another technique I want to test (adding coloured threads to make designs of different colours...)... and then ?... we'll see then....

até logo !


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I am glad to hear that you

I am glad to hear that you are working on the ''waves''-I wonder if anyone else knows what we are talking about here!! but they will find out when you post your finished piece-let's surprise them!

Sounds like you are becoming an addicted weaver with the projects piling up. Great, isn't it?

Hasta luego chica,


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Waves? Have you finished the

Waves? Have you finished the waves? Did you post them in the projects section here?


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  patience... I'm on the


patience... I'm on the way... it's coming... soon... lol


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This link was provided by

This link was provided by Graciela.............lots of good stuff there.


(this site sets off my virus alarm but i seem to be the only one experiencing this problem)