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Joined: 01/23/2010

Do you think anyone would have any interest in a loomette group?  I found a couple of my grandmother's, looked them up on eBay, and saw that they're often a hot item for purchase.  I saw an article in Pieceworks a while back, but haven't found too much else that is current.

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I'm interested. Have a good

I'm interested.

Have a good day!

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Joined: 07/11/2009
Loomettes or Weavettes?

I saw an article in Piecework as well... an afghan made with weavette squares.  I don't know if it's the same article that you saw, but it inspired me to do an afghan of my own as well.  I'm calling it my afghan of many colors, and I'm using wool that I expect to felt, although exactly how I'm going to accomplish this I don't know other than I've experimented with washing a 4 square section in the washing machine.

I have found the group for Small Frame Looms to be good for this kind of thing, and it occurs to me I don't think I've posted anything about this project!  Uh-oh!

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I own several of these and

I own several of these and use them to make what I call "bagettes".  I have sold a dozen or so of the bagettes which I make using my 4x6 weavette.  I make 2 4x6 and 1 2x6 and then put them together.  I use the small balls of yarn I keep in my "Scraps" box so it's a great way to use up small amounts of yarn.

I would love to find something else to make with these little looms but haven't come across any small ideas.  I don't have the attention span for an afghan, my hat's off to you Kay.  I also saw a pretty shawl in Weavexine once but, again, no stamina for a big project.

Please start the group.  I'll post my bagettes in my projects this week.


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I went on line and found "weavettes".  My grandma called hers a loomette, so what a nice surprise to find the weavette sight.  I'll look into the small looms group.  Too bad the little looms are so hard to find other than on eBay.

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here's some more data,

here's some more data, probably lots more in the small loom groups

I used the search term weaveit, she has some nice info..


I have a soft spot for weaveits since it was my first loom in high school.  I sold many pillows and blankets made of these little squares sewed together and embroidered with the high school mascot.  It seems like I have seen these little frame looms marketed at some of the fiber events.  I cannot find the name of it, if I run across it I'll circle back and let you know  Deb Mc

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