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Rag Rug Handbag

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Joined: 01/26/2010

I'm ready to start weaving for rag rug handbags on my old (new) LeClerc F model.(Contacted Francois at LeClerc and showed him the stamp of the letter F and numbers on the bottom left front beam. He said it is a model F, before the "Fanny" model and said it is more than 50 years old). Do you put a liner inside your bags? I've read how to make the bags, but haven't read anything about a liner. I want a nice bag to sell at my next craft fair so my wife and I are designing our bags with an inside lining. Let me know your idea on handbags with a lining and how you might build one..............Steve.

Joined: 05/29/2009
LIning a bag is not

LIning a bag is not difficult. I generally do it - you can find firmly woven twill fabrics in solids at any fabric store.

The lining prevents the bag from "bagging out" and prevents "purse lint" from collecting in the handwoven fabric. All in all it makes anything but a grocery tote a much  nicer item.

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Joined: 01/26/2010

I agree. Thanks. I need smaller, and less cost items for the craft fair. My rugs seem to cost too much. I'm not going to give away the bags but they will be much cheaper than my rugs. I will line the bags to prevent the bagging out and collection of purse lint. Sara, you seem to have very good advice all the time and I do appreciate it very much...............Steve.

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Sewing the seams.

OK, Is there a special way to do the side seams? The double thickness, is it difficult to sew? We have a Pfaff 463 (heavy duty) sewing machine. I say it won't be hard to do but my wife disagrees. Is it easy to sew , even on a regular sewing machine? Help.............Steve.

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rag rug bags

Hi Steve,

You might want to weave them with thinner fabrics so that the bag will not be so heavy.  Or, you can alternate the rag with a shuttle of the rug warp.  This will also make it thinner.  And then the construction of the bag will also be easier.  For handles, check the fabric stores for belting.  It may be hard to find cotton, but take a look.  This will give you a handle that you can purchase.


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Lining and Handle

A matching lining from some of the fabric used for making the rags is a nice touch.  Also, be sure to include some pockets in the bag.  As for handles, purchased belting works well.  To make the handle special, sew a strip (turn under the edges) of the rag fabric onto the belting.  It's nice if the handles are long enough to go over the shoulder for ease in carrying.

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You can also fold in the

You can also fold in the opposite direction so that the side seems are made on the header and footer.  You can take a look at one of my projects to see what I'm talking about.  I have diagrams if you're interested in doing it this way.  I show an example with the handle woven in as well as a handle attached to D rings that were woven in.  Of course you could also just sew a handle on if that's what you prefer.

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Joined: 06/18/2009

A pocket in the liner sounds good and I think that I can imagine how to make one.

The liner is more of a puzzle. How do you figure the size to cut the liner before sewing? Do you turn the bag inside out and cut to fit somehow? Do you measure the bag and then measure the lining cloth to fit? I know it sounds dumb of me, but I haven't sewn a project in years, just hemmed and labeled.

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Joined: 06/11/2009

Take a look at a good sewing pattern for a bag and basic sewing information for linings. Should be easy to find online. You will need seam allowances in both the outer fabric and the lining.  It is quite simple but easier to figure with a diagram.

Laurie Autio

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I create the lining as if it

I create the lining as if it were a bag itself and add the pocket before I insert it in the handwoven fabric bag.  It's easy to just place the lining inside the bag and hand stitch it in several places or stitch in the ditch (stitch the lining to the bag by carefully machine sewing the lining to the bag at the seams).  There are tons of instructions on the web, just Google lining a purse or some thing close to that.


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In my oldest issue of Laila

In my oldest issue of Laila Lundell's Big book of Weaving there is instructions for a dobble woven rag bag with a bottom in basket weave. That would solve the problem of sewing.

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