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Need held with Davison Pattern book

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Joined: 05/13/2009

I am trying to interpret a pattern in the Davison Pattern book. On page 156 is the John Madison coverlet which is a large overshot draft. In the treadling, there are numbers. Does this mean you need to weave 7 picks of that particular treadle? In the II treadling design, it is numbered 1-12 and then from 12-1, does that mean one pick in ascending and then in descending order? I find her treadling confusing and have reade through the introduction and do not find any explanation of the numbers in the treadling.
TIA for any explanation.

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Joined: 05/25/2009
Generally overshot patterns

Generally overshot patterns indicate how many picks of each pattern shots are used with the assumption that in between each pattern pick you weave a plain weave pick.



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Joined: 06/08/2009
The Davison book has many

The Davison book has many different issues with different page #'s on it. I am not near my book but have you considered inputting this into your weaving software and test your understanding with the drawdown?

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Claudia, you have the right idea

In design one, if you look at the photo, each dark block is the same size, accomplished by weaving 7 pattern picks alternating with the tabby picks. The "1" indicates one pick.  Don't forget the tabby picks after every pattern pick, whether you are using one pattern pick or seven.

In design II, the dark blocks don't run in a straight diagonal, but appear to curve.  That is accomplished by weaving each block in succession with one more pick.  You will start with one pattern pick with treadle 6, two pattern picks with treadle 5, three with treadle 4, etc.  Of course, to hold all those threads in place, each pattern pick is followed by one of tabby. 

I agree with Deb, that you should use your weaving software, to make sure that you have a pleasing border and that everything looks balanced. 

Jenny in Charlevoix the Beautiful

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Joined: 05/13/2009
Thanks, all.  I do plan on

Thanks, all.  I do plan on putting it in to PixeLoom first.  I am still learning about Pixeloom and how the tabby function works on it so many learning curves to conquer at once.  I am also considering a gamp with some of the smaller designs to determine which border patterns I like.  

In addition, I am thinking about placemats in each of the larger overshot designs in Davison and then rethread between placemats so I get a good look at each design.  Lots of options.


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Davison drawdowns

It's important to check the pattern in Davison with drawdowns, whether you do it by software or by hand to figure out how the balance of the design will occur.


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Also, remember the Davison patterns show the tie-up for sinking shed.  If you have a rising shed you will need to tie the opposite shafts. Quite a few errors in Davison, also.  Somewhere on the web there is a list of errors.

Laurie Autio