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How to measure two color striped warp on warping mill ??

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I'm still a Newbie that has been only using one color warp up until now.  I am wanting to measure a 2 color striped warp for my next project (4 black, 4 white, etc.) on my horizontal warping mill and have no good idea how to do it.  I don't have a paddle.  What should I do?



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I would measure...

all my white and sley them in leaving the empty dents for the blank, then measure the black and fill in. I commonly warp on 4 threads at a time (with no paddle...just finger separating the threads), but that would not be fun with your changes happening every fourth warp end....hope this helps...have fun!

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With just four ends of each

With just four ends of each colour, I have found that I can wind one end of each (ie. two threads at once) and just thread them in their proper colour order (I dress the loom from back to front). Of course it depends on what yarn you are using. I might not attempt this with linen, but it worked for bamboo just fine. cheers, Laura

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or you could make two chains

or you could make two chains (warping with 4 ends each), one each colour, and pre-sley them together.

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I follow the colors on my

I follow the colors on my threading sequence and tie on the new color.  Doesn't really take too much longer and you are guaranteed that your sequence is correct.  I warp back to front so sleying the color change in the reed is not an option (and can be too tangled).  I posted a little about a long striped warp on my blog, double weave - 550 ends 8 yards with the color change every 4 threads.  When calculating the stripe - do the multiplication of however many of one color.  Before starting the warp on the mill, make a length of string the same length as your warp and place it on the mill as a guide to start the actual warp.  



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2 color warp

If using a mill, I also would make 2 sets of chains.  I leave the cross in at the ends, but at a convenient point (like halfway) I put in twining (like every 4 ends) to preserve sequence but mainly to preserve count, since I seem to find it easier to count in (for example) 8's, and then groups of 8).  The striping pattern you describe is more easily accomplished warping either with a warping board or sectionally.  If you have neither, but if the weather is nice and you have a yard, I'd walk the warp around stakes outside.  The tops of fenceposts work well, for example.  If you have access to children or anthropologists, they can be  convinced to do much of the walking.

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Multi-color warp

I llike to make a continuous warp on my mill because I find it easier to work with on the loom.  I twine the colors separately.  I cut at the end of one color and splice on the new color using a fisherman's knot. The fishermans knot retains the strength of the thread (or line, or rope) so that the the yarn will not break at the splice. This link shows what the single knot looks like, there is also a double knot but for yarn I don't think it is necessary.


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