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Help setting up Loom

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Joined: 11/09/2010

Hello everyone, I am a new weaver and just purchased a leclerc loom.  I have some knowledge of weaving. I have started out on a tabletop loom. My problem is I really don't understand how to set up the shafts to the pedals.  I just want to do a basic twill pattern, so how does one get two shafts to come up with one pedal?  My loom has four eye hooks on each lamm and three eye hooks on the pedals.  Any help would be so appreciated.  Thanks Toni

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Help setting up a loom

Hi Toni,

Did your loom come with some tie-up cord?  If not, I recommend that you purchase some Texsolv cord and arrow pegs to do the tie up.  If you write to me at joanne@glimakrausa.com, I will send you some instructions.


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If you want more info on your

If you want more info on your loom you can go to the Leclerc website and download diagrams etc.  Also the book by Robert Leclerc is available for free download.

http://leclerclooms.com is, I think, the URL

Welcome to the wonderful world of weaving!  :)



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Help setting up a loom

Thank you ladies, any and all help is most appreciated.

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Hi, Laura is right. You can download a manual for your loom. Here is the url