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Barn Loom.......what is it?

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My friend Jimmy is a historian and we were having a chat about looms.  I told him about my first loom, which was (what I thought) a 'barn loom'.  He informed me that there is no such thing.  People didn't weave in their barns.  Hmmmmmm.......I'm not one for arguements so, I just thought about it.  That's right.  I don't think folks wove in their barns.  They wove in their homes. So......my question is this.  Where in the world does the term 'barn loom' come from?  :) 



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barn loom

I'm told the correct term is "barn frame loom" - which makes the term make more sense.  The construction is similar to a barn frame. One good explanation is here:


Laurie Autio

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Thank you!

Thank you so much for sending me this link.  It's funny how we use words without thinking about what they mean first, isn't it?  I had a loom that I called a barn loom......when explaining this, I was corrected.....who in the world would weave in their barn?  No one.  Makes sense.....they would weave in their homes.  

Thanks again,