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WANTED: Small Dobby Loom

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Joined: 06/09/2009

I'm hunting for a small dobby loom (36" or smaller - 24-30" would be ideal). I'd love it if it's computerized, but we could talk about a manual dobby as well. Would prefer 16 harness, but open to 8 or 12 (or even 24). I'm located in Arizona, but am willing to drive to neighboring states for pickup. If' you've got one to sell, please contact me! Thanks!

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Joined: 06/08/2009
Are you familar with

Are you familar with Weavetech in yahoo, there are quite a few dobby weavers in that group. They may have some leads for you.

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Joined: 03/30/2012
24" compudobby for sale

I saw one on craigslist. it is 3500.00 and she is in Kansas City.