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Tools of the Trade Crank Handle

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Joined: 05/07/2011

I'm looking for a crank handle for my Tools of the Trade.

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Joined: 12/10/2010
I had a tough time...

I had a tough time finding one.  I am using a ratchet handle with a socket that fits.  It works fine.  I found a LeClerc dealer close to me.  TOTT looms were built with LeClerc parts (so I have learned here)I will get my actual handle later.  I need a reed and bobbin winder more right now.  

If you measure the head of the bolt that sticks out (if this is the back take up handle we are talking about) you can figure out the size of the handle to order.  If it is the front handle, then it depends on the take-up system you have.  I have a two prawl system.  My husband is a farrier and he made me a wooden handle and forged me a little flipper. The prawls were still with the loom when I got it all put together. Claudia posted some great pictures for me so I could get my loom together.  You can probably search for the thread if you need to see pics.