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FS: Louet Hollandia 8S/14T

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Joined: 05/28/2009

Lovely older Louet Hollandia loom, 43” weaving width, 8 harness, 14
treadles countermarche loom. This was a precursor to Louet’s Delta loom.The sturdiness of the Delta and the lower profile of the Spring
loom. Well made,beautiful to look at and weave on, Louet makes some
of the finest looms available today and this one is no exception. The
loom has many extra parts, additional texsolv and heddles, spare nuts
and bolts etc. The 14 treadles allow you to do some amazing things that
you normally couldn’t do with the usual 8H/10T set up. This loom weaves
beautifully and will handle fine to rug weaving, although if you are
interested only in rug weaving, I would recommend a loom made
specifically for that. You can take the treadles on and off easily. Only
need 6 and want them spaced, no problem, hang them anyway you want. The
floating breast beam keeps consistent tension on the warp as you weave
and advance. The back folds up nicely when not in use or you just want a
little more room even with the warp on. Complete original
instruction/assembly booklet. Comes with a bench (Harrisville) and reed
(10 dent). Loom is together and in full working condition. Has been kept
inside the home studio. Located in Southern Oregon. No shipping
although if you want to pay a mover to come wrap her up and ship her,
you are welcome to. Asking $1750.00 OBO Pictures can be seen on my blog here: http://runamuckweaving.blogspot.com/2010...

My direct e-mail is on the blog also if you want to contact me directly for more pictures and information. It might be a faster reply.


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Joined: 05/28/2009
This loom is sold!

This loom is sold!