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boundweave drawdown and threading

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boundweave drawdown and threading
boundweave drawdown and threading
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My own design

Someone asked about my "graphs" I posted about 8 harness boundweave.  I will try to explain with this photo.

The graphs posted are merely diagrams to show you were to put certain colors to show on top of the weaving and where to bury those colors behind other threads to make certain figures.  If you already know how to weave Boundweave, these graphs are very helpful for creative ideas I am sharing, and make perfect sense.

You might really need to read a book or take a lesson on Boundweave to understand.  (like learning Overshot, Blocks, Shaftwswitching etc.) 

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Boundweave "Drafts"

Karen - what software did you use to draw your pictures in?  I've been trying to figure out if any of the weaving software I own will do it and I'm not having much luck!  Thanks, Mary Berry

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I wouldn't do it in weaving

I wouldn't do it in weaving software.  The threading and treadling for boundweave is the same no matter what figure you are weaving.  What you need is software that lets you chart graphs.  I use StitchSketch on my iPad for these sorts of things.  Even Excel will do it by colouring in the cells.

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Fiberworks has a boundweave

Fiberworks has a boundweave view, it has a weft faced view and a doublweave view. I have designed simple bound rosepath by turning on the view from the menu. Also Krokbragd.

Nancy Arthur Hoskins has a good book "Weft-Faced Pattern Weaves"

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