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8 Shaft Herringbone Twill

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8 Shaft Herringbone Twill
Number of Shafts: 
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My own design
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I have not seen this draft in other sources except on 4 shafts. I made it 'fit' 8 shafts. I will be weaving 2" wide 'black and white' webbing with 16/2 linen  for a chair at 32 epi , so the pattern will be more elongated when woven. The closer sett has a purpose, for more strength, as webbing is under stress from stretching.

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Joined: 10/03/2013
That's like the scarf I just

That's like the scarf I just finished, only on 8 shafts instead of 4. :)

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Joined: 01/13/2012
Yeah, the reason I expanded

Yeah, the reason I expanded it was I have 8 shafts. So now I don't have to remove 4. :) I will probably weave 2 or 3 strips as a time with additional shuttles. 2" is pretty narrow on a big floor loom. ;)

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4-shaft draft threaded on 8

If you have this threading on an 8-shaft loom, you can weave it using an 8-shaft twill tie-up. Then it would really be an 8-shaft herringbone instead of a 4-shaft (2/2 tie-up) cloth woven on an 8-shaft loom. This kind of twill has lots of names besides herringbone.

Bonnie Inouye

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